Source code for c3.qiskit.c3_job

from qiskit.providers import JobV1 as Job
from qiskit.providers.jobstatus import JobStatus
from qiskit.result import Result

[docs]class C3Job(Job): """C3Job class Parameters ---------- Job : JobV1 Inherits JobV1 from qiskit.providers """ _async = False def __init__(self, backend, job_id, result): super().__init__(backend, job_id) self._result = result
[docs] def submit(self) -> None: """Submit a job to the simulator""" return
[docs] def result(self) -> Result: """Return the result of the job Returns ------- qiskit.Result Result of the job simulation """ return self._result
[docs] def status(self) -> JobStatus: """Return job status Returns ------- qiskit.providers.JobStatus Status of the job """ return JobStatus.DONE