Source code for c3.qiskit.c3_options

"""Module to implement a C3Options class derived from the native
qiskit Options class"""

from typing import Any, Dict
from qiskit.providers import Options

[docs]class C3Options(Options): """A derived class of the base Options class in Qiskit. It only provides an additional to_dict() method to obtain all the options as a single dictionary Parameters ---------- Options : qiskit.providers.Options Base class for Options. The get() and update_options() are used from this base class """
[docs] def to_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Return a dict representation of the options Returns ------- Dict[str, Any] The Options in the form of a dictionary """ out_dict = { "params": self.params, "opt_map": self.opt_map, "shots": self.shots, "memory": self.memory, "initial_statevector": self.initial_statevector, } return out_dict