\(C^3\) - An integrated tool-set for control, calibration and characterization

The \(C^3\) software package provides tools to simulate and interact with experiments to perform common control and characterization tasks. Modules can be used individually or combined to achieve a certain goal. The main focus are three optimizations:

  • \(C_1\) Open-loop optimal control: Given a model, find the pulse shapes which maximize fidelity with a target operation.

  • \(C_2\) Closed-loop calibration: Given pulses, calibrate their parameters to maximize a figure of merit measured by the actual experiment, thus improving beyond the limits of a deficient model.

  • \(C_3\) Model learning: Given control pulses and their experimental measurement outcome, optimize model parameters to best reproduce the results.

When combined in sequence, these three procedures represent a recipe for system characterization.

Note: This documentation is work-in-progress.


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